Study in United States of America (USA):

Tuition Fee and Living Expenses:

Tuition Fee:

The tuition fee per year in USA varies from $5000 to $50000 (might be a little more for MBA/Medical or other programs) per year. This would be equivalent to around Rs. 2, 20,000 to Rs. 22, 00,000 (@Rs. 44).

Living Expenses:

The cost of living in USA depends a lot on location. For example States like Washington, California and area around New York is costly. In general, for students from countries like India, Bangladesh, China, Taiwan the cost of living may vary from $6000 to $14000 (per year). This would be equivalent to around Rs. 2, 60,000 to Rs. 6, 20,000 (@Rs. 44). It is assumed that students will live in shared Apartments, live out of campus and have less telephone bills and other expenses are at bay. Most of (nearly) all expenses can be met while working on campus jobs.


Legal Work in USA:

During Studies:

The hourly pay for on campus job ranges from $5.15 to $15 per hour. Foreign Students can work for 20 hrs per week and 40 hrs per week during summer. Students may be allowed to work out of campus (Internship) after nine months (2 semesters) of their arrival to USA. Students receiving any type of aid Like TA/RA/Fellowship or GA need not have to worry about costs. But students not receiving any aid must come prepared for tuition fees and living cost for initial 2-3 months. Some universities in USA waive the tuition fee after the first semester (if performance in 1st sem. is good). It is also possible that some other department may offer scholarship.

Post Studies:

OPT Visas - Work after college

If you already studied in the US and graduated, then you can apply for a 1-year work permit, also known as OPT (Optional Practical Training). This means, you will have one year to find a company that is willing to sponsor your work permit (H1-B working visa).

H1-B Visas - Six year work permit

A H1-B work permit is valid for 6 years (needs to be renewed after 3 years) and is only valid for the company that hired you. If you do find a new job, it is possible to transfer your H1-B visa to your new employer. If you are planning to stay in the USA for a long time, then you must at some point apply for a Green Card. The Green Card application process will often take 2 years. It means that you should start applying for a Green Card two years before your H1-B working visa will expire.

If you have not studied in the USA, you will still have to find a company willing to sponsor your H1-B work permit to be allowed to work in the United States. Since you did not study in the United States, you will not be able to use the OPT visa (discussed above) to get into your first company. It is usually easier to use the OPT visa the first year and show the company what you can do. They are then often more willing to sponsor your H1-B.

Green Card Lottery

A green card gives you the chance to live and work in the United States. It also the first step towards U.S. citizenship that could open up a world of opportunities. Each year 55,000 green cards are given out to people around the world.

Universities we represent:


Stanford University, Palo Alto, California


Santa Clara University


University of California, Berkeley


University of California, Merced


California Institute of Technology


California State University, Northridge


University of California, Los Angeles


San Francisco State University


University of Southern California


California State University, Long Beach


University of California, San Diego


San Diego State University


University of California, Davis


California State University, Sacramento


University of California, Irvine


California State University, Fullerton


University of California, Santa Barbara


California State Polytechnic University, Pomona


University of California, Riverside


California State University System


University of California, Santa Cruz


California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo


University of California, San Francisco


San Jose State University



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